Nowadays, most of the users utilize the advantage from VLC because it is the best open-source platform for multimedia and various streamings are supported by this application. Users have to see the videos with the best application because other players may not be having some special features that VLC has more latest advantages. In this part, we are going to acquire some useful information about VLC and its function. 

Do you know the features of VLC?

The VLC media player having exciting and unique features for the convenience of users. The following are some of the functions available in VLC. They are listed below:

  • You can use the VLC as a downloader for Youtube content. The process is to click the media and open the network steam then paste the youtube URL and press the play button in the player. It will start the video, click the codec information and your video.
  • It allows you to change videos to any format. While converting your content and play it can be done in a very easy way. Go to the media, choose the covert/save option and click on the add button to select the media file for conversion. Open the drop-down menu for profile and pick the file format that you would like to convert. Finally, click on the browser to obtain your converted file. 
  • It also has a graphic equalizer for your music. You can equalize the effects of music and video. The tool of effect and filter will permit to change the sound quality with presents and fine-tune options.


  • Watch any videos in high quality 
  • Application size is very small 
  • Highly secured one 
  • Stunning options are available 
  • User-friendly application 

Apk Versions:

  • Version 3.2.7
  • Version 3.2.6
  • Version 3.2.4
  • Version 3.2.3
  • Much more